why we LOVE Shalom Blac.

Empowering & Inspirational, Shalom Blac redefines beauty standards despite being severely burnt aged 9.


The English definition defines self-love as a ‘regard for ones own well being and happiness.’

The feminine beauty ideal is socially constructed and suggests that a woman’s most important asset is their physical attractiveness.
In a society today that is strongly governed by social medial, selfies and the celebrity lifestyle. I, myself struggle not to conform to the “ideals” of beauty and try to not let it affect how I see myself or what I assume others may think of me through my outward appearance.

“Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.” ~ Caroline Klirk

Self love is being secure with who you are regardless. with this comes confidence and a total disregard for any sort of negativity that maybe directed towards you.

However, we all know that this is easier said than done.

One person who is hitting the Internet by storm is 20 year old make up artist and YouTube vlogger Shalom Blac. Severely burnt with hot oil at the tender age of 9 and bullied throughout her childhood, Shalom encourages and inspires myself and the rest of her viewers to embrace their natural beauty.

Despite her amazing transformations, it is clear that Shalom uses make up as an enhancement of the beauty that is already there rather than using it as cover up of possible insecurities.

Here are 3 reasons why we love Shalom Blac, she is…

  1.  Empowering – I believe one of Shaloms biggest gifts is her ability to empower people through encouragement, positivity and advice. She not only empowers burn survivors but also stands for female and black empowerment as well as many others.

2. Inspirational – Her courage and resilience is what makes her inspiring and is reflected in her work that show an obvious affection of self love and care that is also taught and encouraged amongst her viewers.

3. Ambitious – Her ambition and desire to pursue blogging despite of societies beauty inequities.

Following Shalom has personally made me feel more confident about myself and the tackling the strains of social media.

Please make sure to check Shalom Blac out on YouTube and Instagram @shalom_blac , so that you too can feel empowered.

Lots of Love,


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It’s safe to say….. LēmraRunway17:TheCollection

imageGood Morning all,

It is safe to say, that LēmraRunway 17: TheCollection was a huge success and I couldn’t be more proud of my event.

With it being my second runway show with an aim not only to get the name of my brand out there and release the latest revamped Lēmra collection but to also give other young people, designers & other creatives the opportunity to network and showcase their work.

If you weren’t at the show, where were you? Unfortunately for you, the Lēmra collection isn’t pictured in the gallery below due to upcoming work. So this time, make sure you stay woke people, because this year is mine (can I get an amen).

For all those that took part in the show; designers, models, performers, runners, host, Dj a MASSIVE WELL DONE AND THANK YOU. I couldn’t of done it without you.

See you next year (if I don’t loose my mind lol), enjoy the pictures.

Lots of love,

Akira Kay

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photographed by ig:  _rochelleyoung

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I launched my womenswear brand Lemra in early 2015. With a sentimental meaning behind the name of my brand, I aspire to show the work of simplicity and that minimalism speaks louder.

On the 9th of January 2016 I decided to Launch my first Fashion show Lemra Runway. I decided to put together a show filled with various representations of art forms, from music, poetry to high fashion. My aim is to provide an opportunity and platform for young people to both network and showcase their talent.


Have a look at last years show:

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With up and coming designers presenting pieces from their latest collections, the second show Lemra Runway 17: The collection is due to be a night to remember. Held in my home town Croydon in a modern venue called the TMRW hub, what I wanted was to take my ideas and work back to where it started giving a sense of accomplishment and growth. However also fighting the stigmas and stereotypes of the youth of today. Through hard work and commitment shouting out “WE CAN!”.

Here is what we have in store for you all:


I’m Kreszend Sackey founder of Kreszend, I took a gap year from uni to build my brand & decide to be a part of the Lemra runway for the 2 time around because it helped my name get out there the first time & people loved my first collection but at the time I was still studying & felt I wasn’t ready to build while at uni but this year I took a gap year away from my studies to build my brand, expand on my skills and learn more about textiles and the fashion industry. Can’t wait for everyone to see my full collection at the Lemra runway if you loved my last collection you will worship this one .




Collection: Denim on Denim
My names Daina I think there’s something very rustic and central about denim from the way it hugs your body to the way it protects you in the winter; it can be worn for any occasion, in any season and at any time of the day. There isn’t any limitations of how you can wear it, there’s no rules for what you can make with it nor how to use it; you give denim life because it’s universal. You can’t go wrong with denim because it is endless, timeless and that’s why I’ve chosen this collection for Neoteric Vintage. I got involved with lemra as they give upcoming designers like myself the opportunity to showcase our work.



Hi My name is Patric and Lemra Runway 2016  for me was a great experience as it was my
first time ever showing my creations to such a huge audience.

BÀNKS NOIR is my visual representation of what I believe is High fashion. This year I decided to work outside my comfort zone, creating garments with fabrics that I have never even considered myself touching. I Believe that Lemra runways is a wonderful opportunity for upcoming designers to start build an audience.





I am Cassia and my collection is inspired by english country traditional outdoor activity and vintage utility vests. Taking the silhouettes and style, infusing it with sportswear details. This is an attempt to develop a unisex collection creating an advance and innovative wear for my consumer. Why i want to get involved? I get a chance to meet so many new people from various cultures and with different perspectives. It also offers a development and connections with others in my field and enhance your business and those people know other people, so developing relationships with them could lead to business.



Noemie Wilson is a London based designer specialising in both womenswear and menswear. While currently studying at LCF, she manages a start up brand she wishes to grow once graduating.  She describes her design aesthetic as “fit for the mood and occasion” designed for fashionistas to stand out on the go while still remaining practical and comfortable. The Fall Collection was inspired by the ever changing city of London, inspired by what she has seen growing up, the plethora of culture and people we grow up around. Being part of Lemra Runway is a great opportunity to showcase your work to people like us. It is a great event for designers to see how their work is received and what people like etc. Also its always good vibes and thats what im always here for.



Fortune wear is an urban apparel/state of mind, the brand started selling in April 2016. Fortune Wear is grafted around a lot of gifted individuals who live in a middle/low class area but have big dreams of making it to the top through belief and self awareness of who they are and also what they are capable of doing in this world. The brand focuses on selling hope to the hopeless and faith to the faithless by creating simplistic, luxury garments using high-end fabrics and also promoting a life of cleanness and honesty. At Lemra Runway this year, we will be showcasing our yet to be released collection for the spring/summer 2017 season! Very exclusive you wouldn’t want to miss it. Fortune Wear = Selling hope through clothes that’s dope!


FF (Finesse Foreva) / PL (Private lifestyle) FF is a music company that specialises in music production, artist management and events and is now a brand with our clothing collection, the word Finesse speaks for itself in its definition with impressive delicacy and skill which represents us and how we handle business as a company


and Foreva meaning for all future time & for always. Private lifestyle is a clothing founded by our artist IQ which represents how we keep everything we do hush until we feel the world is ready to get a look in or be accepted into our private club!

The reason why we decided to get involved with Lemra is because we all went to the same school as Akira aka Littlez  and its crazy how we are all doing big things and connect through what we do Music x Fashion!  

ELLESTE is my first collection that I will showing this year at Lemra runway. It will be a great opportunity for me to expand my brand and start to build up my audience. Fashion has always been a big impact in my life. It’s a way to express myself without even speaking, shows my mood and character.


Royal Priesthood UK presented by Nathan Oki was founded in 2013 by a young collective of


individuals with a vision of infusing timeless & luxury materials into their everyday lifestyles. We exhibit ready-to-wear pieces that imbed a 3-fold value system, fit, fabric & fashion.

Royal Priesthood UK will be showcasing their AW17 collection at LemraRunway, This collection was inspired by the worlds current political state, as wars and rumours of wars begin to breakout it pointed Nathan to the focal point, the place in which westerners find hope, the army! And in true Royal Priesthood fashion they have intertwined this with wardrobe essentials and the finest of fabrics.

Royal Priesthood have decided to showcase this at LemraRunway due to there brand consistency in innovation, there strong ethos and spectacular platform!


This year we are bringing Lemra Runway to you bigger and better than ever before.



lemra runway photo


Click the link below to your tickets below:

LemraRunway17: The Collection

We look forward to seeing you there.

Love, Akira Kay.

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Behind the scenes… The Casting call

Have you got your tickets yets ?

Have a look behind the scenes of the LēmraRunway17: TheCollection casting call.


Click here to purchase your ticket!
See you there.

Lots of love,

Akira Kay.

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The Voice of children in care. Dear children services.

Most of us have all moaned or complained about the social worker with the ridiculous amount of case loads and the tick box routine paper work.

Social workers are often criticised and blamed for issues and problems that are sometimes beyond their control, simply down to the fact that they are at the forefront. I think mistakes are commonly made due to poor practise, poor practise that should be addressed and dealt with accordingly to prevent mishap.

I believe that the relationship between a young person and their social worker is important for that young persons development and is often underestimated. Communication and regular visits are all key factors for this.

Have a look at what else I have to say (press play) :


I had 3 foster homes and a numerous amount of social workers (nothing new) but my experience in the care system was definitely more fortunate than other children and young people I know.

There were gaps in the system, with gaps comes forgotten children.  There were the reoccurring issues; such as social workers with over bearing caseloads, lack of visits, missing files, too many moves. The sort of common issues that no matter what borough or authority you were with, if you were in care you most likely would have experienced at least one of them.

At the age of 16, I became the chair of my local authorities children in care council. It was called VOS, Visions of success and it was our Job to advocate on the behalf of the larger population of children and young people in care within the borough.

At VOS we look closely in developing the relationship between social workers and their young person. We initiated social work training (run by young people) called “you talk we listen”. Where we work closely on developing communication & trust. We also work on projects such as housing and entering care, working side by side with heads of services, attending board meetings and conferences insuring that young people are at the forefront of any decisions being made.

Being a part of VOS not only gave me a platform to advocate but also played a huge part in developing my confidence and ability to speak publicly.

My aim is to make the daunting, confusing, scary journey that a child my face during her time in care as less daunting, confusing or less scary as possible.

If your a young person in care and your reading this, get involved in your local aunthorities care council, if they don’t have one, start one up !

And for those that work for children services, your work and your effort matters. Make children and young people the focus of your practice.

Lots of Love,

Akira Kay x


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What’s that look? Bday Meal Outfit



It was my 21st birthday meal at Gauchos with Bae. At first I wasn’t sure on what to wear, I didn’t want to be too over dressed, or even worse under dressed but of course I still definitely wanted to stand out as the bday girl.

Eventually I came across this unique eye catching dress that I matched with a cute pair of barely there shoes that I chose because I didn’t want to distract from the dress.

Here are the outfit details.


Outfit #1

Dress – Jluxlabel (online boutique) Insta – @jluxlabel

Heels – Missguided (Barely there heels)

Thank me later.

Love Akira Kay x

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What’s that look? – The Luxury look



I am all for a luxurious looking outfit , and that was definitely the look I wanted on my break in Rome. However buying designer garments  isn’t always an option. So what next you ask?                   I believe that high street retailers can still fulfill the requirements. If you find the right items and match it with the right accessories etc, then you can pull off that luxury look your aiming for.

This is the look I styled together.


outfit #1

Jacket – Rivers Island (On Sale, very popular)

Tank Top – Rivers Island

Trousers – Fashion Nova

Slides – New New boutique ( Racoon fur, very popular) insta – @NewNewBoutique

Thank me later.

Love, Akira-Kay

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Dear Lash Lovers 🌸🌸🌸LuxeLashLdn Review & Giveaway

There is no doubt that false eyelashes add definition and depth to your lashes that mascara simply cant. I have always had the struggle of settling with a brand or style of lashes. Its always been a battle of quality, durability and style, I always ended up having to compromise one.

However, for my 21st birthday compromising wasn’t an option and I was determined to find the perfect lashes for a perfect occasion.

And I did. Luxe Lash Ldn an online eyelash retailer. Luxe Lash specialise in cruelty free, luxury minx lashes serving a variety of fleeky styles. Luxe Lash prices range from £12 – £13 for the quality of the eyelashes, I this is a great price. For my birthday I went with the styles Naked which I thought would give me an effortless sheek look.

Style: Naked


The application of the eyelash was fairly easy. From applying the glue to the lash and applying the lash to the eye. The use of tweezers made this process a breeze as the lash fits perfectly to the eyelids. This is believed had a huge influence on the comfortably  of the lash.

The Look:

I was in love with the look that the Naked lashes gave me. These particular lashes are designed with small lashes on the inner eye and then progress in length toward the outer part of the eye. This I thought was very flattering. The thickness and length was perfect.


The pair of eyelashes that I wore our still in perfect condition to reuse them. I found that these lashes have long lasting durability.


Highly recommended.

As part of my review for Luxe Lash, I am giving 3 lovely ladies the chance to win a pair of Luxe Lash Ldns Naked luxury minx lashes.

All you have to do is the following:


Winners will be announced on Insta 03/03/17 – 6pm

Get going ladies and Good luck.

Love, Akira – Kay


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A Trip to Rome 🇮🇹


If you follow my blogs, you would know that at the beginning of the year I wrote a post on  my TOP 6 holiday destinations for 2017.

Well, I am pleased to announce that I have ticked one of the destinations of my list. yassssssss. I’ve just come back from a quick getaway to Rome and it was absolutely lovely.

Before I continue; I would just like to give props to myself for finding such a great resort, in a great location and at an amazing price.

I stayed in Roma, a historical area in the heart of Rome for the total of 2 days and 2 nights. In a beautiful 5* luxury bed and bread and breakfast called Navona Palace Residenze Di Charme. My stay here was lovely, staff were helpful but breakfast could of been a little better. The hotel also had a spa, so a chilled evening in wouldn’t be a bore.

I managed to cram a lot in during my short stay, mainly down to the fact that the resort was situated in a pedestrian area. Ideal for the beautiful historical monuments and places, restaurants, bars and shopping hotspots that all within walking distance.

During my visit to Rome I had no intention to spend money on tourist attractions or anything extra. I brought 100 euros and that was just for lunch and dinner I had a little extra just in case of emergency and that I found was more than enough. My plan was to literally go with the flow and appreciate my surroundings. Which I found to not be an issue. Roma is defiantely one of the most beautiful scenic cities that I have visited so far. There was always something to take interest in, read, learn about and take pictures of.


Of course in the busy streets of Roma there are plenty of restaurants to choose from with amazing food at affordable prices. My goal was to try something new and a country delegacy and so of course I could not visit Italy and not have some spaghetti Bolognese. I did and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Italy is somewhere I definitely will be visiting again. Whether its Rome I don’t know but I know I would like to visit Venice one day. However I would recommend Roma and I would definitely hold these memories with me forever.

So get booking your tickets, to wherever it maybe. Just get travelling.

Lots of Love,

Akira Kay x

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#MotivationalMonday… Lets Travel ✈️

Hi guys,

Its motivational Monday and in this weeks Vlog I am talking about the importance of travelling.

Have a look at what I have to say below.


Akira-Kay x


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