What’s that look? – The Luxury look



I am all for a luxurious looking outfit , and that was definitely the look I wanted on my break in Rome. However buying designer garments  isn’t always an option. So what next you ask?                   I believe that high street retailers can still fulfill the requirements. If you find the right items and match it with the right accessories etc, then you can pull off that luxury look your aiming for.

This is the look I styled together.


outfit #1

Jacket – Rivers Island (On Sale, very popular)

Tank Top – Rivers Island

Trousers – Fashion Nova

Slides – New New boutique ( Racoon fur, very popular) insta – @NewNewBoutique

Thank me later.

Love, Akira-Kay

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Dear Lash Lovers 🌸🌸🌸LuxeLashLdn Review & Giveaway

There is no doubt that false eyelashes add definition and depth to your lashes that mascara simply cant. I have always had the struggle of settling with a brand or style of lashes. Its always been a battle of quality, durability and style, I always ended up having to compromise one.

However, for my 21st birthday compromising wasn’t an option and I was determined to find the perfect lashes for a perfect occasion.

And I did. Luxe Lash Ldn an online eyelash retailer. Luxe Lash specialise in cruelty free, luxury minx lashes serving a variety of fleeky styles. Luxe Lash prices range from £12 – £13 for the quality of the eyelashes, I this is a great price. For my birthday I went with the styles Naked which I thought would give me an effortless sheek look.

Style: Naked


The application of the eyelash was fairly easy. From applying the glue to the lash and applying the lash to the eye. The use of tweezers made this process a breeze as the lash fits perfectly to the eyelids. This is believed had a huge influence on the comfortably  of the lash.

The Look:

I was in love with the look that the Naked lashes gave me. These particular lashes are designed with small lashes on the inner eye and then progress in length toward the outer part of the eye. This I thought was very flattering. The thickness and length was perfect.


The pair of eyelashes that I wore our still in perfect condition to reuse them. I found that these lashes have long lasting durability.


Highly recommended.

As part of my review for Luxe Lash, I am giving 3 lovely ladies the chance to win a pair of Luxe Lash Ldns Naked luxury minx lashes.

All you have to do is the following:


Winners will be announced on Insta 03/03/17 – 6pm

Get going ladies and Good luck.

Love, Akira – Kay


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A Trip to Rome 🇮🇹


If you follow my blogs, you would know that at the beginning of the year I wrote a post on  my TOP 6 holiday destinations for 2017.

Well, I am pleased to announce that I have ticked one of the destinations of my list. yassssssss. I’ve just come back from a quick getaway to Rome and it was absolutely lovely.

Before I continue; I would just like to give props to myself for finding such a great resort, in a great location and at an amazing price.

I stayed in Roma, a historical area in the heart of Rome for the total of 2 days and 2 nights. In a beautiful 5* luxury bed and bread and breakfast called Navona Palace Residenze Di Charme. My stay here was lovely, staff were helpful but breakfast could of been a little better. The hotel also had a spa, so a chilled evening in wouldn’t be a bore.

I managed to cram a lot in during my short stay, mainly down to the fact that the resort was situated in a pedestrian area. Ideal for the beautiful historical monuments and places, restaurants, bars and shopping hotspots that all within walking distance.

During my visit to Rome I had no intention to spend money on tourist attractions or anything extra. I brought 100 euros and that was just for lunch and dinner I had a little extra just in case of emergency and that I found was more than enough. My plan was to literally go with the flow and appreciate my surroundings. Which I found to not be an issue. Roma is defiantely one of the most beautiful scenic cities that I have visited so far. There was always something to take interest in, read, learn about and take pictures of.


Of course in the busy streets of Roma there are plenty of restaurants to choose from with amazing food at affordable prices. My goal was to try something new and a country delegacy and so of course I could not visit Italy and not have some spaghetti Bolognese. I did and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Italy is somewhere I definitely will be visiting again. Whether its Rome I don’t know but I know I would like to visit Venice one day. However I would recommend Roma and I would definitely hold these memories with me forever.

So get booking your tickets, to wherever it maybe. Just get travelling.

Lots of Love,

Akira Kay x

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#MotivationalMonday… Lets Travel ✈️

Hi guys,

Its motivational Monday and in this weeks Vlog I am talking about the importance of travelling.

Have a look at what I have to say below.


Akira-Kay x


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A letter to my younger self ~ The birthday blog!



If your reading this, it’s not too late. You can still wish me a happy birthday. Yasssss, I’m finally 21 and it feels good.

It’s taken me a while to get to where I am today. I acknowledge that I could have gone down a number of different paths and would have had a totally different outcome. Statistics say numerous amount of things and so far I can proudly say, I’ve beaten them.

Life hasn’t been easy but I’ve never been expectant of too much. I’m 21 and a moment of reflection has reminded me of the hurdles I’ve conquered.

Heres a letter to my younger self:

Dear Akira,

Has anyone told you that life’s greatest lessons are learnt through the toughest of times. Things might leave you confused, angry and hurt but don’t be frightened, it will make you who you are today.

I want to tell you to close your eyes. You’ll see things beyond your years and capacity to comprehend. But if you close your eyes, you won’t learn from the mistakes. So instead I’ll advice you to keep one eye open.

Your obsessive, loving, strong, addictive personality is something that won’t diminish through the storm. In fact you will not only find it a useful coping mechanism but something you will learn to use as key to open doors for yourself and for others.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Your plans to conquer the world are still in process. Fuelled by loss you’ll soon understand that what don’t break you, makes you. Do not kill yourself trying to put the pieces together. You are still growing. work hard you’ll see your sisters again soon.

There’s nothing I can say to you that would ever prepare you for the loss of your mother. Hold on and stay close to God. He will save you. I know it may seem as though you’ve come to a dead end but now you have more reason to flourish.
Your mum loved you, she knew you loved her. Your not to blame. You are your mothers success.

Girl, I know it may not seem like it but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We haven’t yet reached the end but I can see it. The journey along the way is still yet to be easy but to be honest it’s nothing you can’t handle. Trust me, I know. I’ve lived it to tell you the tale.

Akira, Akira, Akira lol school is a time for learning and growth. Despite our amazing ability to chat and get the work done at the same time. You’ll find that life would be a lot easier without parent meetings and detentions.

Let me also mention that life would also be a lot easier with out boys. LOOL stay away. No, don’t go there. I’m telling you, you’ll find the one.

We think we’ve found the one. It’s not perfect. But you love each other. only time can tell.
The absence of your father has left an obscure but yet clear perception of men and a thin between everything you don’t want and everything you deserve. This will subconsciously lead you to stupid decisions. During this time you’ll keep your worries to yourself. Today, I would tell you to speak to someone. It may feel as though you’ll carry the bag of burden forever but it’s a relief to say it has been a while since we have put that bag down.

Your encouraged to look after your physical health. Your emotional well being is just as important. You’ll often feel as though your need of help is not recognised but I can assure you, your not alone. You’ll get used to the frequent up and downs and will deal with it appropriately.

Today you are at uni. Stay focused. You’ve achieved so much, your nearly there.
Your currently finding it hard to stay motivated. But from this day, every time I struggle to focus I’ll read this letter.
Keep volunteering and stepping out your comfort. It opens doors.
We currently have a thing for travelling. It’s important. Growth is important, keep growing.
The sky is your limit.
We’ve got 2 businesses, keep pushing it.

Finally, I would like to say. We said we will be a millionaire by 21. It’s ok, we haven’t got there yet. Don’t be discouraged. Life is nothing like you would have imagined but things could have been a lot worse. Count your blessings, better days are coming.

Love, your 21 year old self.

Akira-Kay x

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photpgraphy by : ig – @jdsk_productions – http://www.jdskproductions.co.uk

styled by: ig – @styledbylavish

The 3 Cute C’s to maintaining a HEALTHY relationship.


Morning All,

It’s February the 14th, yes it’s Valentines !! Your either not to fussed about the day or all loved up. Either way I’m sure your good.

This blog post is about the 3 Cs. So, what are they you ask? The 3 Cs are important factors for maintaining a healthy relationship.

1. Communication – The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

communication is key to understanding how each other works. The boundaries, the dislikes, the loves, aspirations and dreams. It’s all about knowing each other and putting your point across effectively in order to make the relationship nourish.

2. Consitentency – Consistent behaviour or treatment.

consistency shows dedication and determination in a relationship. A lack of consistency can leave your spouse annoyed or bored. Consistency in a relationship maintains your message of love.

3. Commitment – The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

The importance of commitment is vital to showing your spouse the love, respect and honour that you have for them and the relationship. It can influence how you feel, think and act and also determine your actions when things get difficult. Commitment is the key to success.

Rememeber stay comitted, communicative and consistent. Try sticking to the 3 Cs and watch your relationship flourish.

Have a lovely day,



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#MotivationalMonday ~ Don’t let your past define who you are !!!

Hey Guys,

Its Monday and you know what that means. YES!!! #MotivationalMonday. This weeks Vlog is on not letting your past define who you are today.

Have a look at what I have to say and have a blessed day.

Love, Akira – Kay x


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#MotivationalMonday ~ Step outside the box !!!

Hi Guys,

Its motivational Monday and this week I am encouraging you guys to step outside the box.

Have a look at what I have to say here.

Have a blessed week.



What’s that look? – Effortlessly Cute



Hey Ladies,

Todays look was in effort of a dear friend of mines 22nd birthday party. The idea of this outfit was to look effortlessly cute.

I am constantly complaining about needing new/more clothes because I hate re wearing outfits (my friends get fed up of it). However recently I have found that By wearing a garment in a different and usual way it can easily be pulled off as something new.


Outfit #1

Shirt – New Look (This is literally a normal shirt however I decided to wear it differently by only fasting the last 3 buttons and wearing the rest of the garment off the shoulder).

Jeans – TopShop (Jamie Jeans).

Bag – Zara

Shoes – Office

Thank me later.


Akira-Kay x

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Surviving Valentines ~ back to BAEsics

img_1112It’s February and you can now officially start counting down until valentines.

The day of romance is to show your partner how much you appreciate them with an exchange of gifts.
Although, I feel as though it seems to have lost its essence. In our generation it has become a competition on who’s getting laid, who got the best gift, cutest outfits, baecations and who the side chicks and the cheats are.
Open signs of affection on social media of your spouse is often used to validate a relationship and supposedly gives it value.
The strength of a relationship is now unfortunately measured by the amount of effort that’s put into the day.
This however, can often lead to a relationship breakdown.

For those that are in situationships, have a friend with benefit or maybe the bit on the side Valentine’s Day maybe that sneaky opportunity to confirm your position.
The response and amount of attention you receive from your spouse on the day will no longer leave you uncertain.
Do you feel pressured to be cuffed ?

The single people normally have two attitudes towards Valentine’s Day and that is either “what’s all the hype about” or “Valentines, what’s that?.”
Loads of people undercover don’t want to be a lonely on valentines but I think that we forget that the day is about love as a concept and not your current status. And secretly loads of people are just undercover hating (but it’s ok your time will come boo boo).

So how do you survive Valentine’s Day?

If your single please make sure you avoid these 3 crucial things:

1. Avoid social media (Its bound to be valentines central).
2. Avoid braggers
3. Avoid couples

And actively on the day you can:

1. Treat yourself
2. Spend it with family or friends

Remember you aren’t alone. Valentine’s Day is only made for money.
And if your are in a relationship.

Go back to Baesics. Don’t feel pressured to prove your love for your partner to the world and don’t feel as though you have to compete with anyone. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your effort.

Good luck and Lots of love,