Hi my name is Akira, I am 20 years old, currently studying at the London college of fashion and have an up & coming brand called Lēmra. I am also a care leaver.
Life can genuinely be difficult to steer as a young adult, who’s trying to find their feet.
However, as a young person that’s been in care, I’ve found that trying to discover yourself, your purpose and even value, can be even more of a strenuous task when the things of the past that could have broken you, made you who you are today.

When I was younger I refused to be involved or associated with anything or anyone that would label me as a “foster child”. At the age of 15,  I realised that being in care was apart of who I was and made me who I am. It stung sometimes but it also motivated me a hell of a lot.

In 2012 I became the chair of a local authorities care council. It was my Job to advocate on the wider population of children and young people in care.

In 2014 I took a huge leap of faith by sharing my story in a BBC documentary with Lorraine Pascale, Fostering and me.

Today, I think I’m ready to share my story with the world.
My name is Akira Kay, I’m 20 years old and I’m a care leaver but going through the care system DOES NOT define who I am or where I am going.

Love, Akira Kay x


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