Dear Lash Lovers 🌸🌸🌸LuxeLashLdn Review & Giveaway

There is no doubt that false eyelashes add definition and depth to your lashes that mascara simply cant. I have always had the struggle of settling with a brand or style of lashes. Its always been a battle of quality, durability and style, I always ended up having to compromise one.

However, for my 21st birthday compromising wasn’t an option and I was determined to find the perfect lashes for a perfect occasion.

And I did. Luxe Lash Ldn an online eyelash retailer. Luxe Lash specialise in cruelty free, luxury minx lashes serving a variety of fleeky styles. Luxe Lash prices range from £12 – £13 for the quality of the eyelashes, I this is a great price. For my birthday I went with the styles Naked which I thought would give me an effortless sheek look.


Style: Naked


The application of the eyelash was fairly easy. From applying the glue to the lash and applying the lash to the eye. The use of tweezers made this process a breeze as the lash fits perfectly to the eyelids. This is believed had a huge influence on the comfortably  of the lash.

The Look:

I was in love with the look that the Naked lashes gave me. These particular lashes are designed with small lashes on the inner eye and then progress in length toward the outer part of the eye. This I thought was very flattering. The thickness and length was perfect.


The pair of eyelashes that I wore our still in perfect condition to reuse them. I found that these lashes have long lasting durability.


Highly recommended.

As part of my review for Luxe Lash, I am giving 3 lovely ladies the chance to win a pair of Luxe Lash Ldns Naked luxury minx lashes.

All you have to do is the following:


Winners will be announced on Insta 03/03/17 – 6pm

Get going ladies and Good luck.

Love, Akira – Kay


twitter / Ig : AkiraKay_

Ig: Luxelashldn


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