I launched my womenswear brand Lemra in early 2015. With a sentimental meaning behind the name of my brand, I aspire to show the work of simplicity and that minimalism speaks louder.

On the 9th of January 2016 I decided to Launch my first Fashion show Lemra Runway. I decided to put together a show filled with various representations of art forms, from music, poetry to high fashion. My aim is to provide an opportunity and platform for young people to both network and showcase their talent.


Have a look at last years show:

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With up and coming designers presenting pieces from their latest collections, the second show Lemra Runway 17: The collection is due to be a night to remember. Held in my home town Croydon in a modern venue called the TMRW hub, what I wanted was to take my ideas and work back to where it started giving a sense of accomplishment and growth. However also fighting the stigmas and stereotypes of the youth of today. Through hard work and commitment shouting out “WE CAN!”.

Here is what we have in store for you all:



I’m Kreszend Sackey founder of Kreszend, I took a gap year from uni to build my brand & decide to be a part of the Lemra runway for the 2 time around because it helped my name get out there the first time & people loved my first collection but at the time I was still studying & felt I wasn’t ready to build while at uni but this year I took a gap year away from my studies to build my brand, expand on my skills and learn more about textiles and the fashion industry. Can’t wait for everyone to see my full collection at the Lemra runway if you loved my last collection you will worship this one .





Collection: Denim on Denim
My names Daina I think there’s something very rustic and central about denim from the way it hugs your body to the way it protects you in the winter; it can be worn for any occasion, in any season and at any time of the day. There isn’t any limitations of how you can wear it, there’s no rules for what you can make with it nor how to use it; you give denim life because it’s universal. You can’t go wrong with denim because it is endless, timeless and that’s why I’ve chosen this collection for Neoteric Vintage. I got involved with lemra as they give upcoming designers like myself the opportunity to showcase our work.




Hi My name is Patric and Lemra Runway 2016  for me was a great experience as it was my
first time ever showing my creations to such a huge audience.

BÀNKS NOIR is my visual representation of what I believe is High fashion. This year I decided to work outside my comfort zone, creating garments with fabrics that I have never even considered myself touching. I Believe that Lemra runways is a wonderful opportunity for upcoming designers to start build an audience.






I am Cassia and my collection is inspired by english country traditional outdoor activity and vintage utility vests. Taking the silhouettes and style, infusing it with sportswear details. This is an attempt to develop a unisex collection creating an advance and innovative wear for my consumer. Why i want to get involved? I get a chance to meet so many new people from various cultures and with different perspectives. It also offers a development and connections with others in my field and enhance your business and those people know other people, so developing relationships with them could lead to business.




Noemie Wilson is a London based designer specialising in both womenswear and menswear. While currently studying at LCF, she manages a start up brand she wishes to grow once graduating.  She describes her design aesthetic as “fit for the mood and occasion” designed for fashionistas to stand out on the go while still remaining practical and comfortable. The Fall Collection was inspired by the ever changing city of London, inspired by what she has seen growing up, the plethora of culture and people we grow up around. Being part of Lemra Runway is a great opportunity to showcase your work to people like us. It is a great event for designers to see how their work is received and what people like etc. Also its always good vibes and thats what im always here for.




Fortune wear is an urban apparel/state of mind, the brand started selling in April 2016. Fortune Wear is grafted around a lot of gifted individuals who live in a middle/low class area but have big dreams of making it to the top through belief and self awareness of who they are and also what they are capable of doing in this world. The brand focuses on selling hope to the hopeless and faith to the faithless by creating simplistic, luxury garments using high-end fabrics and also promoting a life of cleanness and honesty. At Lemra Runway this year, we will be showcasing our yet to be released collection for the spring/summer 2017 season! Very exclusive you wouldn’t want to miss it. Fortune Wear = Selling hope through clothes that’s dope!


FF (Finesse Foreva) / PL (Private lifestyle) FF is a music company that specialises in music production, artist management and events and is now a brand with our clothing collection, the word Finesse speaks for itself in its definition with impressive delicacy and skill which represents us and how we handle business as a company



and Foreva meaning for all future time & for always. Private lifestyle is a clothing founded by our artist IQ which represents how we keep everything we do hush until we feel the world is ready to get a look in or be accepted into our private club!

The reason why we decided to get involved with Lemra is because we all went to the same school as Akira aka Littlez  and its crazy how we are all doing big things and connect through what we do Music x Fashion!  


ELLESTE is my first collection that I will showing this year at Lemra runway. It will be a great opportunity for me to expand my brand and start to build up my audience. Fashion has always been a big impact in my life. It’s a way to express myself without even speaking, shows my mood and character.


Royal Priesthood UK presented by Nathan Oki was founded in 2013 by a young collective of



individuals with a vision of infusing timeless & luxury materials into their everyday lifestyles. We exhibit ready-to-wear pieces that imbed a 3-fold value system, fit, fabric & fashion.

Royal Priesthood UK will be showcasing their AW17 collection at LemraRunway, This collection was inspired by the worlds current political state, as wars and rumours of wars begin to breakout it pointed Nathan to the focal point, the place in which westerners find hope, the army! And in true Royal Priesthood fashion they have intertwined this with wardrobe essentials and the finest of fabrics.

Royal Priesthood have decided to showcase this at LemraRunway due to there brand consistency in innovation, there strong ethos and spectacular platform!


This year we are bringing Lemra Runway to you bigger and better than ever before.



lemra runway photo


Click the link below to your tickets below:

LemraRunway17: The Collection

We look forward to seeing you there.

Love, Akira Kay.

Sc: ItsKiraah

IG/Twitter: AkiraKay_

sc/IG/Twitter: Lemra_LTD



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