It’s safe to say….. LēmraRunway17:TheCollection

imageGood Morning all,

It is safe to say, that LēmraRunway 17: TheCollection was a huge success and I couldn’t be more proud of my event.

With it being my second runway show with an aim not only to get the name of my brand out there and release the latest revamped Lēmra collection but to also give other young people, designers & other creatives the opportunity to network and showcase their work.

If you weren’t at the show, where were you? Unfortunately for you, the Lēmra collection isn’t pictured in the gallery below due to upcoming work. So this time, make sure you stay woke people, because this year is mine (can I get an amen).

For all those that took part in the show; designers, models, performers, runners, host, Dj a MASSIVE WELL DONE AND THANK YOU. I couldn’t of done it without you.

See you next year (if I don’t loose my mind lol), enjoy the pictures.

Lots of love,

Akira Kay

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Ig/twitter: Akirakay_

sc: Itskiraah

photographed by ig:  _rochelleyoung

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