Because of you 

With a loss of another mother, I am beyond words of expressing how it really feels.
My brother and I have been living with the Jones for over 11 years. Whom else and what else do I know?

They pulled me through difficult times. I honestly believe, they saved me.
My birth mother passed away 4 years ago, 2 years later my foster mum had a cardiac arrest that resulted in severe brain damage and has recently peacefully gone to sit by our Heavenly Father.
Because of her I am strong, I am confident and because of her I know who I am and that I am enough.

I will hold with me forever thoughts and memories of times when I arrived in her house with nothing but anger and fear.

She made me understand that there was so much more to life than the pain I was feeling and that I could use it to push me.

Push my education, my talents, to make something of myself. Mum acknowledged that I was desperate to escape what I experienced and equipped me with the tools to work towards it.

The time when my birth mother had died and I couldn’t get out of bed; she held me, washed and bathed me. A day after her passing, she pushed me to retake my gcse English as I really needed the grades to get into uni. I passed with a B, she knew my strength, capabilities and believed in me more than I did myself.

She encouraged me to share my story. That even though at the time I felt my life was curse. She told me better things are coming and my story could be a blessing to others. I will be eternally grateful and I owe it to her to push through.

How could I not possibly believe in a higher being considering everything that life has thrown at me. Purpose, faith, hope; is what pushes me in believing there has to be something more.
With another huge loss, this time I’m stronger and somewhat more prepared and equipped to manage.

I have learnt to let go, let God, trust my struggle and that he is there throughout it.
For those that are going through a difficult time and not sure where their life is heading, here’s a few pick ups:
. Your journey is the architect of who you will become.
. If you take away the trauma, you take away the treasure and everything that makes you, you.
. Life’s what you make it.
Lots of love.
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Akira Kay x
In loving memory of Annette De Leon- Jones 1960 – 2017

In my heart forever and always.


4 thoughts on “Because of you 

  1. Reblogged this on Samantha Harrison and commented:
    Trusting in God in crucial especially at times where we just do not understand and peices of love have been taken away from or hearts. God is the only one who can fill those broken parts and mend it back into place , with the legacy of their love still intwined.

    – A true testimony of hardship, but a vision of a journey of strength, love, trust and determination, from a love of a Mother , to a daughter ❤️💜

    Rest In Perfect Peace, Auntie Annette 🌹❤️💜
    God Bless You and the Family Dearly Akira 💜


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