In advance I would like to apologise for painting a picture of a woman that shows just a fraction of how amazing my mother was.
The truth is.

This poem, nor words could ever suffice the type of person you were.

Or the way you made feel.

How you were able to mould and shape me into the person I am today.

How the pain that I felt only you could put words to.

The song you sang as you held me.

Your voice penetrates through, the anger.

“Mmm child things are gonna get easier, Mmm child things are gonna get brighter.”

Your mighty atom bomb.

You noticed things in me, that I couldn’t see myself.

You are everything, that I hope and wish to be.

You saved me.

Taught me wisdom.

Planted hope.

Installed faith.

Wiped away, that feeling of complete loss and confusion.

Because as far as you were concerned,

It didn’t matter whether you birthed me or not.

I was yours.

You always did and tried your best.

Invested in love.

And in return was loved.

We counted our kisses.

Often your eyes were closed, as each kiss that was planted on your beautiful soft skin.

You exhaled with satisfaction.

Told me you loved me.

I replied, I love you more.

You always fired back with not possibly.

And I could tell you meant it.

But honestly, I felt it.

Breathed on your love.

Pushed through on your loved.

Pushing through on your love.

Because your love is and will forever be purposeful.

Changed lives and will continue to change lives.

Edified and continues to edify .

I’m thankful to God for the years we shared.

And even more thankful now that you are at peace.

You’ve done your work and now can rest.

Good bye for now my blessing, until we meet again.
In loving memory of

Annette Deleon-Jones


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