Lets Catch Up !!!

Apologies, it been a while since I last blogged. I suppose I had my first ever experience of writers block.

Theres been so much things, I’ve wanted to share with you all. But putting that pen to paper or should I say finger to key pad has been a bit difficult recently.

However, I am back and with some exciting news to inform you on.

I have finally started my own YouTube channel. I am back, prepared and motivated to let you all into the life of Akira kay. I’m finding it so so so difficult not to spam you guys because there is so much, I want to share with you all lol.


So, just like my blog; my channel is lifestyle and inspiration, again to let you guys gain access into my life as a young person who has experienced the care system and how it has shaped and molded me as a person.

I would love for you all to follow and support me on this journey.

Please support and subscribe, like,  comment and share.

Click the Link is below!!!


Lots of  love,

AkiraKay x





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