18222168_1460243634020515_6106502717555329713_nHi my name is Akira, I am a 21 year old from South London who is eager to conquer the world.

With a background in Fashion and experience with young people and children in care, I truly believe the world is your oyster and I am inspired by opportunity.

Life can genuinely be difficult to steer as a young adult, who’s trying to find their feet. However; as a young person that’s been in care myself, I’ve found that trying to discover who you are, your purpose and even value, can be even more of a strenuous task when the things of the past that could have broken you, made you who you are today.

Through this blog, I share with you my life and experiences, the beauty and the brokenness as a young person that has gone through the care system.
My wish is to educate, break taboos & stereotypes but most importantly inspire & encourage.

Love, Akira Kay x

Insta: AkiraKay_

sc : Itskiraah


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