F*ck, Valentines Day

Love is looming in the air this valentines. The only time of year that the men are trash comity become suspiciously quiet and the sidetings feel a sense of entitlement. In our generation it has become a competition on who’s getting laid, who got the best gift, cutest outfits, baecations and who the side chicks and the cheats are.


Does dating still exist ?

We are all aware that times have changed. And with that nowadays most individuals don’t date. Well, sort of, but to be honest not really. Dating sights, Social media and the ability to instant or live message allows people to connect and keep a regular update with each other’s lives. The lightning speed, constant activity … Continue reading Does dating still exist ?

Because of you – Tribute Poem

In advance I would like to apologise for painting a picture of a woman that shows just a fraction of how amazing my mother was. The truth is. This poem, nor words could ever suffice the type of person you were. Or the way you made feel. How you were able to mould and shape … Continue reading Because of you – Tribute Poem

Because of you 

With a loss of another mother, I am beyond words of expressing how it really feels. My brother and I have been living with the Jones for over 11 years. Whom else and what else do I know? They pulled me through difficult times. I honestly believe, they saved me. My birth mother passed away … Continue reading Because of you 

The importance of Self Love

Being able to put the needs and wishes of others before your own, has always been considered as a positive trait to have. No one wants to be known as selfish, but to be considered selfless is a major key to having successful friendships and relationships. However, personally with loving, pleasing and wanting to make those around … Continue reading The importance of Self Love

The 3 Cute C’s to maintaining a HEALTHY relationship.

Morning All, It's February the 14th, yes it's Valentines !! Your either not to fussed about the day or all loved up. Either way I'm sure your good. This blog post is about the 3 Cs. So, what are they you ask? The 3 Cs are important factors for maintaining a healthy relationship. 1. Communication - … Continue reading The 3 Cute C’s to maintaining a HEALTHY relationship.

Surviving Valentines ~ back to BAEsics

It's February and you can now officially start counting down until valentines. The day of romance is to show your partner how much you appreciate them with an exchange of gifts. Although, I feel as though it seems to have lost its essence. In our generation it has become a competition on who's getting laid, … Continue reading Surviving Valentines ~ back to BAEsics