Brought into care from the age of 8, my personal experience and need for better has lead me to over 8 Years experience of working with young people and children services. Delivering training, workshops and hosting eve My knowledge and experience as a care leaver

This speech will provide you with a professional and personal insight into the life of children in care, sharing stories that are inspirational, funny and moving. The audience will leave motivated and energised to work with children in care, understanding the huge impact a relationship can have for a child. redefining the narratives for care experienced individuals can support in the process of inspiring and empowering them to share their experiences for the purposes of educating others and improving their lives. We found that there were limited opportunities for care experienced young people to share their stories in a way that had an impact on them – so they recognised and realised their potential and on service delivery, policy making and the education of professionals within children’s social care .

It’s been said that 80% of your happiness in life will come from your relationships. This key note focuses on engagment and the relationships between young people, foster carers and service providers. The training explores the different methods and avenues that can be used to communicate with children and young people effectively and how to spot and understand key behavioural patterns. The aim is to highlight the key relationships surrounding a care experienced persons life and the influence as well as impact they can have on the young person and their future. We look at identifying on how to engage specifically to cater to young persons needs, how to build trust, understanding, boundaries and the ability to manage conflict; all are fundamental in a healthy working relationship.It’s been said that 80% of your happiness in life will come from your relationships.