Care experienced & buisness minded

I wanted to shed a little light on success stories of young care experienced people that are trying/have made something of themselves, not only to motivate others but also to show those within authorities that if you equip a child with the right tools, who knows where it can take them.


Does dating still exist ?

We are all aware that times have changed. And with that nowadays most individuals don’t date. Well, sort of, but to be honest not really. Dating sights, Social media and the ability to instant or live message allows people to connect and keep a regular update with each other’s lives. The lightning speed, constant activity … Continue reading Does dating still exist ?

Because of you – Tribute Poem

In advance I would like to apologise for painting a picture of a woman that shows just a fraction of how amazing my mother was. The truth is. This poem, nor words could ever suffice the type of person you were. Or the way you made feel. How you were able to mould and shape … Continue reading Because of you – Tribute Poem

Because of you 

With a loss of another mother, I am beyond words of expressing how it really feels. My brother and I have been living with the Jones for over 11 years. Whom else and what else do I know? They pulled me through difficult times. I honestly believe, they saved me. My birth mother passed away … Continue reading Because of you 

why we LOVE Shalom Blac.

The English definition defines self-love as a 'regard for ones own well being and happiness.' The feminine beauty ideal is socially constructed and suggests that a woman's most important asset is their physical attractiveness. In a society today that is strongly governed by social medial, selfies and the celebrity lifestyle. I, myself struggle not to … Continue reading why we LOVE Shalom Blac.

It’s safe to say….. LēmraRunway17:TheCollection

Good Morning all, It is safe to say, that LēmraRunway 17: TheCollection was a huge success and I couldn't be more proud of my event. With it being my second runway show with an aim not only to get the name of my brand out there and release the latest revamped Lēmra collection but to … Continue reading It’s safe to say….. LēmraRunway17:TheCollection


I launched my womenswear brand Lemra in early 2015. With a sentimental meaning behind the name of my brand, I aspire to show the work of simplicity and that minimalism speaks louder. On the 9th of January 2016 I decided to Launch my first Fashion show Lemra Runway. I decided to put together a show … Continue reading LEMRA RUNWAY PRESENTS.

Behind the scenes… The Casting call

Have you got your tickets yets ? Have a look behind the scenes of the LēmraRunway17: TheCollection casting call. ​ ​​​ ​ Click here to purchase your ticket! See you there. Lots of love, Akira Kay. Sc: Itskiraah Ig/twitter : AkiraKay_ Sc/ig/twitter: Lemra_Ltd