F*ck, Valentines Day

Love is looming in the air this valentines. The only time of year that the men are trash comity become suspiciously quiet and the sidetings feel a sense of entitlement. In our generation it has become a competition on who’s getting laid, who got the best gift, cutest outfits, baecations and who the side chicks and the cheats are.


Good things happen to those who hustle.

Of course Ive made a few resolutions and set some goals. Resolutions that I'll try my best to keep and goals I intend on keeping with the aim to bloodclart execute (excuse the language, I had to approach that with aggression, so the devil knows what I'm on)

What do I want to do with my life ?

Hey everyone! I’m Brianna from over at A Winning Lifestyle. My blog is a lifestyle blog, focusing mainly on my journey to law school, and my weight loss journey. I am really excited to share this blog post with you. This will be up on my blog in a few days, so you guys get a first hand look at it!


      One of the greatest feelings in life is happiness. The English dictionary defines the adjective happy as; content, cheerful, joyful, care free, untroubled. How someone reaches that level of happiness depends on there social choices and lifestyle. Such as; socialising with peers, traveling, having children, work, money to things such as drugs and alcohol. … Continue reading 20 STEPS TO LIVING A HAPPIER LIFE !🌴🌞

Fighting Statistics!!

I'm not sure at what age I became aware of all the statistics that I would be fighting against. To be honest I think I was fighting them before I even became aware of it. More than anything, I knew that I wanted to do better than what I had came from. Despite what was … Continue reading Fighting Statistics!!