Luvli Lounge Summer ’17 Eyewear Guide

Hey guys, Ive been a little quietly recently but I have still been working on the best content I can for you all. So, I have recently started working with Luvli Lounge @luvliLounge ( They have got a hot new swimwear collection make sure you check it out). I will be working with Luvli Lounge closely … Continue reading Luvli Lounge Summer ’17 Eyewear Guide


It’s safe to say….. LēmraRunway17:TheCollection

Good Morning all, It is safe to say, that LēmraRunway 17: TheCollection was a huge success and I couldn't be more proud of my event. With it being my second runway show with an aim not only to get the name of my brand out there and release the latest revamped Lēmra collection but to … Continue reading It’s safe to say….. LēmraRunway17:TheCollection


I launched my womenswear brand Lemra in early 2015. With a sentimental meaning behind the name of my brand, I aspire to show the work of simplicity and that minimalism speaks louder. On the 9th of January 2016 I decided to Launch my first Fashion show Lemra Runway. I decided to put together a show … Continue reading LEMRA RUNWAY PRESENTS.

Behind the scenes… The Casting call

Have you got your tickets yets ? Have a look behind the scenes of the LēmraRunway17: TheCollection casting call. ​ ​​​ ​ Click here to purchase your ticket! See you there. Lots of love, Akira Kay. Sc: Itskiraah Ig/twitter : AkiraKay_ Sc/ig/twitter: Lemra_Ltd

What’s that look? Bday Meal Outfit

It was my 21st birthday meal at Gauchos with Bae. At first I wasn't sure on what to wear, I didn't want to be too over dressed, or even worse under dressed but of course I still definitely wanted to stand out as the bday girl. Eventually I came across this unique eye catching dress … Continue reading What’s that look? Bday Meal Outfit

What’s that look? – The Luxury look

  I am all for a luxurious looking outfit , and that was definitely the look I wanted on my break in Rome. However buying designer garments  isn't always an option. So what next you ask?                   I believe that high street retailers can still fulfill the … Continue reading What’s that look? – The Luxury look

What’s that look? – Effortlessly Cute

  Hey Ladies, Todays look was in effort of a dear friend of mines 22nd birthday party. The idea of this outfit was to look effortlessly cute. I am constantly complaining about needing new/more clothes because I hate re wearing outfits (my friends get fed up of it). However recently I have found that By … Continue reading What’s that look? – Effortlessly Cute

What’s that look ?

IHey guys, this is a new kind of post for you today and I really hope that you enjoy it. If you don't know already; I am a fashion designer and have an up and coming womenswear brand called Lēmra (watch out for it). I am obsessed with new styles and trends and thought it … Continue reading What’s that look ?