Lets Talk Business – 305ive Interview

Hey my is Samm also known as three/3. Age 25. I love music, poetry, art and all things expressive. Tell me about your business and what inspired you to start? A brand called 305IVE, it’s a lingerie and loungewear brand which sets to focus on the art of being a new aged woman. Hmm, what […]

Lets Talk Business – InspireDynasty Interview

Rise & grind, keep your eyes on the prize. Its Monday, its a new week and that means a new week of opportunity. I would like to kick start the week and introduce you to a new weekly segment of my blog "Lets Talk Business" - I will be introducing you to young entrepreneurs that … Continue reading Lets Talk Business – InspireDynasty Interview


        One of the greatest feelings in life is happiness. The English dictionary defines the adjective happy as; content, cheerful, joyful, care free, untroubled. How someone reaches that level of happiness depends on there social choices and lifestyle. Such as; socialising with peers, traveling, having children, work, money to things such as drugs and … Continue reading 20 STEPS TO LIVING A HAPPIER LIFE !🌴🌞

The secret to moving on

Allow your heart some time to heal on its own. Patience is key. Some days you may feel as though you've progressed, others as though you've taken 2 steps back. Restrain from using people as a plaster or distraction. All you'll be doing is hurting them and yourself. Time will heal. Love, Akira-Kay sc: Itskiraah … Continue reading The secret to moving on