Care experienced & business minded

I wanted to shed a little light on success stories of young care experienced people that are trying/have made something of themselves, not only to motivate others but also to show those within authorities that if you equip a child with the right tools, who knows where it can take them.

Does dating still exist ?

We are all aware that times have changed. And with that nowadays most individuals don’t date. Well, sort of, but to be honest not really. Dating sights, Social media and the ability to instant or live message allows people to connect and keep a regular update with each other’s lives. The lightning speed, constant activity … Continue reading Does dating still exist ?


        One of the greatest feelings in life is happiness. The English dictionary defines the adjective happy as; content, cheerful, joyful, care free, untroubled. How someone reaches that level of happiness depends on there social choices and lifestyle. Such as; socialising with peers, traveling, having children, work, money to things such as drugs and … Continue reading 20 STEPS TO LIVING A HAPPIER LIFE !🌴🌞

The IMPORTANCE of writing down your GOALS.

I have got a slight obsession with notepads🙈. Especially ones with Boss ass titles that motivate me to get MINE. I recent purchased a happiness Planner with number of amazing features that it quotes,"helps to reshape the way you think and to shift your focus to the positive". And I am eager to endulge in anything … Continue reading The IMPORTANCE of writing down your GOALS.

The secret to moving on

Allow your heart some time to heal on its own. Patience is key. Some days you may feel as though you've progressed, others as though you've taken 2 steps back. Restrain from using people as a plaster or distraction. All you'll be doing is hurting them and yourself. Time will heal. Love, Akira-Kay sc: Itskiraah … Continue reading The secret to moving on

Why, Losing my job was the best thing that happened to me.

I took my eye off the ball. I felt that lump in my throat and I thought to hold back the tears. I was embarrassed. I was a personal stylist. I was good at my job, enjoyed it but didn't love it. I was going through depression and calling into work with the flu seemed more … Continue reading Why, Losing my job was the best thing that happened to me.