Catch 22

Hey All, It has been a while since I have been able to write a blog post. I figured if it’s not a genuine post, not honest and doesn’t come from the heart then it’s not worthy for my audience. But I want to thank you guys anyway, because y’all still reading my shit and … Continue reading Catch 22


Lets Catch Up !!!

Apologies, it been a while since I last blogged. I suppose I had my first ever experience of writers block. Theres been so much things, I've wanted to share with you all. But putting that pen to paper or should I say finger to key pad has been a bit difficult recently. However, I am … Continue reading Lets Catch Up !!!


I'm not sure how I really feel about reality TV. Part of me enjoys the sitting behind a screen watching someone else's drama whilst being able to forget about my own. However the other half of me hates it because I could really be doing something more productive. So, I am hooked on Keeping up with the Kardashians and my sister constantly asks me … Continue reading RHOA: INSPIRATION OR DESPERATION?

Table.Bay Ldn

Table bay Ldn; the bouji pop up store was defo an event that wasn't to miss. Hosted by Maria & Elenia social media figures/ influencers but also recognised as driven business women. A selling platform for online boutiques and up and coming brands, Table bay had a range of merchandise being sold From sweet confection, … Continue reading Table.Bay Ldn


There's something attractive about humility, despite such huge success. From humble beginnings; born in Watford, North West London to Nigerian mother. Through out Anthony Joshua's Journey of success it is intriguing how he has captured the attention and hearts of many all around the world including those like myself who have very little interest in … Continue reading Anthony Joshua: MORE THAN JUST A WORLD CHAMPION

Lost in your 20s?

It's 5:30 in the morning, I've woken up for some reason, can't get back to sleep and think this is a great opportunity to write a new blog post. I suppose there's a lot on my mind. It's my 21st birthday next month. I know it may seem silly because I'm young but I doubt … Continue reading Lost in your 20s?

#MotivationalMonday ~ Positive Thinking !!

Hey guys, It's motivational Monday, and today's vlog is all bout thinking positively and the influence it can have when working towards your goals. Have a look at what else I have to say. Happy positive thinking. Love, Akira-Kay x   Sc: ItsKiraah Insta: AkiraKay_


Yes, It's Monday. My favourite day of the week. Why you ask? 1. New week, new goals. 2. You can start afresh and find motivation again. 3. You can look back at last weeks achievements. Today's word is about prioritising. press play to find out what I Have to say. Love, Akira Kay x   sc:Itskiraah … Continue reading #MotivationMondays