Care experienced & business minded

I wanted to shed a little light on success stories of young care experienced people that are trying/have made something of themselves, not only to motivate others but also to show those within authorities that if you equip a child with the right tools, who knows where it can take them.

Good things happen to those who hustle.

Of course Ive made a few resolutions and set some goals. Resolutions that I'll try my best to keep and goals I intend on keeping with the aim to bloodclart execute (excuse the language, I had to approach that with aggression, so the devil knows what I'm on)

The Voice of children in care. Dear children services.

Most of us have all moaned or complained about the social worker with the ridiculous amount of case loads and the tick box routine paper work. Social workers are often criticised and blamed for issues and problems that are sometimes beyond their control, simply down to the fact that they are at the forefront. I think … Continue reading The Voice of children in care. Dear children services.